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   About JSS

Welcome to Jessland!

This is the website of Jess Garcia (i.e. myself).

In this site you will find:

  • The events I will be speaking at in the next few months, in the Events section.
  • A lot of information free information about computer security in the JISK
  • My profile and that of some of my close collaborators in the JSS Community section.

If you are looking for Commercial Services, please visit One eSecurity's website:

I am co-founder of One eSecurity and I currently work as an active Senior Security Consultant in it.


[12/05/13] After years without changing anything here, I just made the first move to bring this site back to life.
Stay tuned!

Twitter: @j3ssgarcia
Delicious: @j3ssgarcia

   Upcoming Speeches & Courses

For an updated list of the conferences I will be speaking at and the courses I will be teaching, check:
One eSecurity > Events

>> See All Speeches & Courses <<
   Latest JISK Updates
Updated the Event Log / Syslog Tools for Windows: IDS IPS > Log Analysis > Tools 
Updated the Memory Forensics section: Forensics > Areas > Memory 
Updated the Malware > Rootkits section with updated Rootkit Detectors info. 

>> See JISK Updates History <<

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