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Jessland Research Projects:

These are some of the active projects at jessLAND:

  • The jessLAND Honeynet Project
   For more than four years different Honeypots and Honeynets have been deployed and monitored. The information collected during this period has helped in the investigation of underground tools and tactics and has aided in the development of new approaches and tools for forensics analysis.

The compromise of one of the Honeypots in 2003 was used for the development of the SANS "Intrusion Detection in Depth" Bootcamp courseware. 
  • FOREST - The Forensics Response System
 Forest (the FOrensics REsponse SysTem) is aimed to be an automated response system to identify successful system compromises and retrieve Forensics evidence. Forest makes use of Intrusion Detection, Auditing and Forensics tools and procedures to determine if a successful compromise has taken place in a system, and in such case automatically start retrieving and analyzing evidence in a Forensics system. A first release is expected soon.   
  • CIMAS - Centralized Infraestructure Management and Administration System
   CIMAS is a security-oriented framework for remote execution of tasks and administration of systems via ssh. CIMAS serves as support for FOREST management.   

External Research Projects:

These are some other projects in which members of the jessLAND Community take part:

  • The SANS Top 20 - The Twenty Most Critical Internet Security Vulnerabilities
   The SANS Institute releases every year the Top 20, a consensus list of vulnerabilities that require immediate remediation. It is the result of a process that brings together dozens of leading security experts.

In addition to the collaboration of the development of the document contents, we coordinate the translations of the document to different languages. If you are interested in translating the Top 20 to your language, please contact us
 The Spanish Honeynet Project is an independent non-profit research organization of security professionals dedicated to information security focused on honeynet technologies. Our goal is to study, understand and raise awareness about the motives and tactics of the Black Hat community.

We aim to share knowledge about the various tools and hacker practices in use on the Internet today. We welcome any individuals or organizations who are interested in becoming a part of this group's research and activities. 
   The aim of the malware collection project is counting with updated information about bots and viruses that are being currently distributed in the Internet so they can be used to identify and react in similar attack scenarios. This will eventully allow to create a database of malware that help identify new specimens.   
  • ANAMARIS - AN´┐Żlisis de Actividad MAliciosa y Respuesta a IncidenteS
 Specialized technical forum, integrated by security professionals from the RedIRIS community whose aim is encouraging the analysis of malicious activity and react to incidents in a coordinated way inside the community.   

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