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Jessland News

 25/06/07  JSS is now One eSecurity The new company completely takes over previous JSS activity and expands the number of services and geographical coverage of JSS operations. 
 29/01/07  JSS is hiring. We are looking for individuals with different profiles & degrees of expertise. Read more >>
JSS está contratando. Buscamos profesionales con distintos perfiles y grados de experiencia. Leer más >> 
 31/10/06  A recent interview with Jess Garcia related to Forensics and the SANS Amsterdam conference has just been published in 
 13/02/06  WebSec.06 is here! Organized by Sm4rt Security Services, a JSS partner company, the WebSec.06 conference will bring together during the next 4 days a group of well knos security specialists in Mexico DF. Find all the information here
 05/02/06  The 3rd Spanish Forensics Challenge (Reto Forense v.3.0) is here. For the 3rd year Jess Garcia is a proud member of the Jury. 
 01/02/06  Jess Garcia just published an article in the SIC spanish security magazine.   
 20/01/06  Most of the JL Community members will be speaking at Websec 2006 - Mexico City - Feb. 15-16 2006   
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