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JISK Updates History

New section created about MS Exchange Recovery: Forensics > Areas > MS Exchange 
New section created about Forensics Seizure: Forensics > Areas > Seizure 
New section created about Firewalls 
New sections created about Anti-Debugging and Virtual Machine Detection: Malware > Analysis > Reverse Engineering > AntiRE > AntiDebugging y VM Detection 
New section created about Wireless Forensics: Forensics > Areas > Wireless 
New section created about Security Architecture: Essentials > Areas > Security Architecture 
New section created about Windows Packers: Malware > Analysis > Reverse Engineering > Windows > Packers 
New section created about NIDS / NIPS Evasion: IDS / IPS > Network > Evasion 
New section created about Windows Kernel Rootkits, JISK > Malware > Rootkits > Types > Kernel > Windows, initially with just some references to Windows Vista. 
New section created about Windows Kernel Rootkits, JISK > Malware > Rootkits > Types > Kernel > Windows, initially with just some references to Windows Vista. 
Updated Wiping, Deletion & Recovery references in the Forensics > Areas > Disks and Filesystems section 
Updated the Forensics > Publications and Newsletters and Conferences sections 
New section created about File Formats Reverse Engineering: Malware > Analysis > Reverse Engineering > File Formats 
New section created about Security Governance & Compliance: Essentials > Areas > Governance and Compliance 
New section created about Computer Security Incident Response Teams: Forensics > Areas > Incident Response > CSIRT 
Forensics > Software > Windows - Added Office & PDF Metadata Removal Tools
New section created: Forensics > Areas > Documents 
We have created a couple of new Malware sections, Reverse Engineering Linux & OS X. Still just placeholders, except for a reference about OS X binary protection, but we'll grow them little by little.
We've also added Worminator a tool for generating IDS/IPS signatures for SMTP based worms in the NIDS & Malware Static Analysis sections. 
We have included the HoneySnap and Honeyclient in the Honeypot Tools section. 
We've added the new Universal Pattern Searcher tool to the Malware Static Analysis Section 
Today I just found something REALLY important while browsing the CITFS's RSS Feeds. It's an article called No profile for Online Predetors and deals with the Protection of Children on the Internet. Due to the importance of this subject, we've decided to create a new section under JISK > Essentials, called Protecting Children on the Internet and place a copy of it under the name Recommendations to keep your children safe on the Internet 
We have included references to some Malware Analysis / Reverse Engineering Books, including some Java ones. 
We have included some references to good Interrogation Techniques Books in our Forensics Books section 
We've just created a new Forensics section, Online Tools and to start with we have included a couple of references to Digital Timestamping Services.
We have also included some Digital Timestamping and Metadata Analysis tools in the Windows and Linux Forensics Tools Sections. 
You certainly are familiar with system level and kernel level rootkits but maybe you want to peep into the next generation: Database, Virtual or Hardware rootkits. We've included a couple of references in the JISK just to get you started (we'll add more informaiton when we have a little time). 
We are now rebuilding our Forensics Tools Section. If you have any comments or recommendations about useful software which is not listed, let us know
We've included in the USB Drives Forensics section a nice tip from Jim Murray to mount USB Drives read-only on Windows
We have just added ext2/3, NTFS & FAT Field Notes to the Filesystems Forensics section. 

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