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Security News Archive - 2005

 21/07/05  Malware  A new book on Windows Rootkits, Rootkits : Subverting the Windows Kernel (by Greg Hoglund & Jamie Butler) will be published soon. 
 12/07/05  Generic  According to BBC News, after 20 years of activity the legendary phrack magazine will be dissapearing after its forthcoming no. 63 issue due to editorial staff step down. Bummer :( 
 10/05/05  Forensics  The results of the 2nd Forensics Challenge in Spanish (Reto Forense v.2) have just been published. If you speak spanish you will learn & enjoy a lot reading the excellent reports by the winners. 
 10/04/05  Forensics  For those in Computer Forensics, check the recently published book File System Forensic Analysis by Brian Carrier. Great reference. 

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