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IDS / IPS Tools

Content Leader: Jess Garcia - Last Updated: May 20, 2007

Under Construction ... - We are in the process of completing the descriptions. If you speak spanish, you can check the spanish version.


Below you can find information on the following tools & products:

  • Traffic analysis
  • NIDS (Network Based Intrusion Detection Systems)
  • HIDS (Host Based Intrusion Detection Systems)
  • NIPS (Network Based Intrusion Prevention Systems)
  • HIPS (Host Based Intrusion Prevention Systems)

Traffic analysis

  • etherape - Network monitor for Unix which displays network activity graphically: hosts and links change in size with traffic, color coded protocols display, etc.
  • ethereal/tethereal - THE standard sniffer for protocol analysis.
  • DataEcho - TCP session reconstruction utility. It can capture traffic directly from a network adapter or can use a pcap file as input. DataEcho allows the playback of a user's web browsing, email, or other text-based protocol activity.
  • ipsumdump -
  • libpcap/winpcap - The standard traffic capture library
  • mergecap - Merges two or more capture files into one.
  • netdude -
  • ngrep - pcap-aware tool that will allow you to specify extended regular expressions to match against data payloads of packets.
  • p0f - p0f uses a fingerprinting technique based on analyzing the structure of a TCP/IP packet to passively determine the operating system and other configuration properties of a remote host.
  • ssldump -
  • tcpbridge - Tool for briding network traffic across two interfaces and optionally modifying the packets in betweeen. Part of the tcpreplay suite.
  • tcpdpriv -
  • tcpdump/windump -
  • tcpflow -
  • tcpreplay -
  • tcprewrite - Tool to rewrite the packets in a pcap file. Part of the tcpreplay suite.
  • tcpspy -
  • tcpstat -
  • tcptrace -
  • tomahawk - Utility to bidirectionally replay saved tcpdump dumpfiles at arbitrary speeds.



  • arpwatch -
  • ASDIC - ASDIC is a system for advanced traffic analysis. You can look at ASDIC as a reverse firewall. Input unstructured traffic information and output a rule set.
  • Azwalaro - NIDS based on Ethereal dissectors.
  • Bro-IDS -
  • shadow -
  • snort -
  • PADS -




  • Debcheck -
  • Gherkin -
  • Host-sentry -
  • OpenHIDS -
  • Os-hids -
  • OSSEC -
  • Prelude -
  • SLAD - Provides an extendable plugin architecture allowing to use various GPL-based security scanners and auditing tools (John-the-Ripper, Chkrootkit, LSOF, ClamAV, Tripwire, TIGER, Logwatch, TrapWatch, LM-Sensors, snort, ...) under one common framework. SLAD has been primarily developed to work together with Nessus to enhance its local scanning capabilities.
  • snare -
  • tiger -
  • Wkr -

File Integrity Assessment

Rootkit Detectors

NIPS (Network Based Intrusion Prevention Systems)

Open Source

Commercial Products

HIPS (Host Based Intrusion Prevention Systems)

Open Source


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