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Forensic Write Blockers

Content Leader: Jess Garcia - Last Updated: January 20, 2007

Write Blocker Evaluations

  • Computer Forensic Tool Testing (CFTT) - National Institute of Justice
    • Includes WiebeTech Forensic SATADock, WiebeTech Forensic ComboDock, WiebeTech FireWire DriveDock Combo, WiebeTech Bus Powered Forensic ComboDock, WiebeTech Bus Powered Forensic ComboDock, WiebeTech Forensic ComboDock, Digital Intelligence UltraBlock SATA, Digital Intelligence Firefly 800 IDE, FastBloc IDE, MyKey NoWrite, ICS ImageMasster DriveLock IDE

Hardware Write Blockers

  • Disk Doubler by LEC
  • UltraBlock (IDE/SATA/SCSI) - FireWire/USB to Drive Interface Bridge Boards with Forensic Write Protection.
  • FireFly (IDE/SATA) - Allows an IDE or SATA hard drive to be connected to a IEEE 1394a (400Mb/s) or 1394b (800Mb/s) compliant FireWire device chain.
  • FireChief 800 - Allows a suspect !IDE hard drive and a target !IDE hard drive (used for forensic copy) to be connected to a computer for the purpose of forensic acquisition and analysis.
  • UltraBlock USB Write Blocker - Data can be read from the USB mass storage device without fear that data on the USB device will be modified inadvertently during the acquisition process.
  • UltraBlock Forensic Card Reader and Writer - Have been designed specifically for forensic use and have been validated using established forensic techniques and tools.
  • ShadowDrive - Allows a system to be booted into its "native" environment by internally caching all writes and modifications.
  • HardCopy - The device enables forensic drive duplication at sustained speeds up to 5.5GB per minute.
  • Sonix - Transfers data to and from a hard drive at 3.3GB/min(USB, SATA, and IDE connectivity).
  • Solitaire Turbo - Designed for high speed UDMA/IDE hard drive duplication requirements.
  • Echo Plus - Hard Drive Duplication (Single master, single target IDE hard drive).
  • Forensic MD5 system - Designed specifically for the requirements of law enforcement, corporate security, and cybercrime investigation of forensic computer data.
  • OmniClone 2u - Portable, high-speed, 2 target, UDMA IDE drive duplication and diagnostics system.
  • OmniClone 2u-USB - Allows the user to store/restore files/folders to a network server, modify a drive's contents, defragment the master drive, etc.
  • OmniClone 5Xi - Five-target system possesses many advanced, new features, especially engineered for high volume production.
  • OmniClone 10Xi - Offers an optional Database software program that enables the user to scan and log hard drive cloning sessions which include hard drive make, model, serial number and firmware revison.
  • OmniSCSI - Duplication system is capable of duplicating a SCSI master drive to one SCSI target at speeds exceeding 2.3 GB/min.
  • Forensic USB WritePROtect - Offers users the ultimate protection for hard disk data recovery and drive analysis.

IDE-to-SATA adapters:

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