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Memory Forensics

Content Leader: Jess Garcia - Last Updated: June 19, 2007



  • UNIX
    • Dump /dev/mem or /dev/kmem
  • Windows
    • \Device\PhysicalMemory (or \.\PhysicalMemory) [8]
    • NtSystemDebugControl [9]
  • Other
    • VMware Suspend


  • Sparc's OpenBoot
    • The firmware can be accessed by using the L1-A (or STOP-A) keys and the system is suspended and placed into the OpenBoot prompt. [...] If the sync command is typed at the OpenBoot prompt, the memory and register contents are dumped to a pre-configured device, typically the swap space on a hard drive. After the memory is written, the system reboots and the savecore command can be executed to copy the memory from the dump device to the file system. [...] A disadvantage of this technique is that, by default, it overwrites data in swap space and it requires the system to be rebooted so that savecore can copy the memory contents from swap.[1]
  • Hybernation
  • Through a PCI Card (Proof of Concept: Tribble[1])





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