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Forensics of PDF Documents

Content Leader: Jess Garcia - Last Updated: June 13, 2007

General Info

PDF File Reconstruction

  • For automated reconstruction you can use the 3-Heights™ PDF Desktop Analysis & Repair Tool tool.
  • If you have just fragments of a PDF file, you can try to artificially create the PDF header following the Adobe PDF Specification mentioned above.


 Tool  OS  Description 
 extract  UNIX  Extracts very basic information from a PDF document metadata 
 pdfinfo  UNIX  Extract a lot of information from PDF document metadata (part of the xpdf-utils package) 
 pdffonts  UNIX  Identifies the fonts used in a PDF document (part of the xpdf-utils package) 
 pdfimages  UNIX  Extracts images from PDF documents (part of the xpdf-utils package) 
 3-Heights™ PDF Desktop Analysis & Repair Tool  Windows  Analyzes, Repairs and recovers information from irreparable corrupt PDF files 

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