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Content Leader: Jess Garcia - Last Updated: March 1, 2007

Mailing Lists

These are some of the mailing lists you should be checking:


  • Bugtraq: A must. If you only subscribe to one, this must be it.
  • NT Bugtraq: A Windows-only equivalente of Bugtraq.
  • Full Disclosure: Hmmm... I should probably not be recommending this one, too much noise these days. Good to know it exists, though.


  • Firewalls:
    • fw-wizards General discussion about firewall technologies, and much more.
    • fw1-gurus If you are in the Checkpoint side of things.
  • Intrusion Detection:
    • Focus on IDS General discussion about IDS technologies.
    • Snort: In case you use "the pig" for your Intrusion Detection.
    • loganalysis General discussion about log analysis.
  • Honeypots:
    • honeypots General discussion about Honeypots and Honeynets.
  • Incident Response & Forensics:
    • forensics General discussion about Forensics.
    • incidents (@SANS) General discussion about Incidents.
    • Incidents (@Securityfocus) General discussion about Incidents.

Still want more? You can find references to over 150 security lists here.


These are some of the Newsletters you might want to receive periodically:

  • SANS @RISK: A weekly newsletter with a summary of all the vulnerabilities appeared in the last 7 days classified by area (Windows, UNIX, Cross-platform, Web Applications, etc.). An essential & time saving resource.

RSS Feeds & Blogs

JSS Recommends


Thanks to the amazing members of the mailing list for this great compilation


These are some sites offering periodical webcasts:

News Portals:

These are some of the News Portals you should be checking (some of them may have RSS feeds):

  • ISC Handler's Diary: The SANS Internet Storm Center Handler's Diary. One of the most important resources on the net.
  • Securityfocus: Popular web site hosting many popular mailing lists, papers, news, etc.
  • Linuxsecurity: Good site for Linux Security news and related topics.
  • Slashdot: Good security skills require good knowledge of the world. Slashdot is the place to keep updated.

Online Publications:

These are some periodical online publications:

  • SANS Advisor: SANS Advisor specializes in very short, pragmatic articles on whats new at SANS, security, operations, audit and IT related legal topics.
  • Uninformed: Technical outlet for research in areas pertaining to security technologies, reverse engineering, and lowlevel programming.
  • Obsidis: Obsidis is a scientific/underground magazine that focuses on research in ICT security.

Vulnerability Alert Services

Vulnerabilities & Threat Reports

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