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Security Architecture Books

Content Leader: Jess Garcia - Last Updated: January 29, 2007

Recommended References

   Enterprise Security Architecture: A Business-Driven Approach
John Sherwood, Andrew Clark, David Lynas
(November 2005) 
   Network Security Principles and Practices
Saadat Malik
Cisco Press
(November 2002) 
   Network Security Architectures
Sean Convery
(April 2004) 
   Self-Defending Networks: The Next Generation of Network Security
Duane De Capite
(August 2006) 
   Inside Network Perimeter Security;
Stephen Northcutt, Lenny Zeltser, Scott Winters, Karen Kent, Ronald W. Ritchey
(2nd edition - March 2005) 

Other References

   Security Architecture: Design, Deployment and Operations
Christopher King, Ertem Osmanoglu, Curtis Dalton
(July 30, 2001) 
   Security Governance Checklists: Business Operations, Security Governance, Risk Management, And Enterprise Security Architecture
Fred Cohen
(November 30, 2005) 
   Designing Security Architecture Solutions
Jay Ramachandran
(March 1, 2002) 

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