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Events > WebSec.06


Official Website:

Organized by Sm4rt Security Services

General Information

  • When:
  • Feb 13-14 - Specialized Courses
  • Feb 15-16 - Conferences
  • Where:
  • World Trade Center, Mexico City, Mexico

The Speakers

  • Victor Chapela, OWASP Mexico Chapter Leader; CEO, Sm4rt Security Services, Mexico & Canada
  • Jess García, Managing Director, Jessland Security Services, Certified SANS Instructor for Europe, Spain
  • Carlos Fragoso, Network, Systems and Security Manager, Centre de Supercomputación de Catalunya (CESCA), Spain
  • Dan Clemens, Lead Security Analyst, HealthSouth; Former President, Birmingham Infragard, USA
  • Carlos Ochoa, Director Web Application Security, Sm4rt Security Services, Mexico
  • Frank Artes, Information Security Manager, Electronic Arts, USA
  • Daniel Cuthbert, OWASP Testing Guide Project Leader; Senior Security Consultant, Corsaire, England
  • Mike Sues, CEO, Rigel Kent Security, Canada
  • David M. Lewis, OWASP Toronto Chapter Leader; Principal Consultant, IBM, Canada
  • César Cerrudo, CEO, Argeniss, Argentina; Software Arquitect, Application Security Inc., USA
  • Marc Shoenefeld, Security Researcher,, Germany
  • Esteban Martinez Fayo, Lead Oracle Security Researcher, Argeniss, Argentina
  • Héctor Obregón, CEO, emLink, Mexico; Microsoft Regional Director MSDN

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