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Carlos Fragoso

 Carlos Fragoso is a networking, systems and security engineer for Supercomputing Center of Catalonia (CESCA). He is responsible for Anella Cientifica (Catalan R&D network) and CATNIX (CATalunya Neutral Internet eXchange) proactive, reactive and value-added security services such as perimeter protection, infrastructure hardening, intrusion/anomaly detection, incident handling, etc. Carlos serves as the main incident handler of ERIAC Incident Response Team.

He frequently participates as an instructor or guest speaker of networking and security topics on several master degree courses, workshops and conferences. Carlos is involved on national and worldwide security workgroups and incident response communities such as TF-CSIRT, FIRST, ABUSE-ES, UNISOG and NSP-SEC. He is a member of the Spanish Honeynet Project and he is currently leading a malicious activity analysis and incident handling initiative for the RedIRIS (Spanish R&D network) community. Carlos collaborates with the SANS Institute on several advisory boards and courseware development groups such as the Stay Sharp Program.

His fields of interest are mainly focused on networking and security technologies: IPv4/IPv6, multicast, interior/exterior routing, traffic engineering, MPLS, QoS, WLANs, VPNs, firewalls, intrusion/anomaly detection systems, honeypots/nets, incident handling, forensics, etc.

Carlos holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science from Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, a Master Degree on Networking and Telecommunications from Universitat Ramon Llull and several professional certifications from Cisco Systems (CCNA, CCNP) and SANS Institute (GSEC, GCFW, GCIH, SSP-MPA, GREM, GHTQ). 

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