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Arrigo Triulzi

 Arrigo Triulzi is an independent security consultant working out of Geneva, Switzerland working for clients throughout the world.

Arrigo is also a Certified SANS Instructor teaching a variety of courses amongst which are Hacker Techniques and Incident Handling, Cutting Edge Hacking Techniques, Reverse Engineering Malware and Assessing and Securing Wireless Networks.

Arrigo has been consulting in the computer security field for 20 years and has extensive experience with most flavours of Unix specialising in network and application security analysis, secure network design and testing, Tiger Team and Incident Handling team training and bespoke security research. He has also been working with IPv6 networks for over six years with particular emphasis on IDS design and security aspects. Recently he has been researching low-level hardware and firmware security.

Arrigo holds and M.Sc. in Mathematical Computation from Queen Mary, University of London and a B.Sc. in Pure Mathematics from Imperial College, London. 

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